Pre cooler manufacturing

pre cooler manufacturer in tamilnadu

Kralomoc pre-cooler units are desined to handle the processing of freshly harvested vegetables and fruits day by day.We are into German technology for our design and manufacturing of pre coolders. We are into innovative coil manufacturing technology for our pre coolers. Kralomoc pre coolers are essential element of any food processing industry, Dairy industry, Food preservation industry etc…

Kralomoc promise to offer you the most comprehensive range of pr coolers , In our own designing, Manufacturing , Installation and services that you cannot expect to ge anywhere else in the domestic market. Kralomoc have our own team of exceptionally talented individuals who take pride in helping Our customers find the right product supplies in the easiest possible manner .

Kralomoc offering high quality pre coolers for post harvest agri products. The range of our commercial pre coolers are available in different sizes and capacities to ensure diverse requirements of different clients.

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