Multi commodity cold storage Manufacturing

We Kralomoc are holding rich experience in the domain of manufacturing multi commodity cold storage . These type of multi commodity cold storage are used for storing different types fresh fruits and vegetables and other horticulture products which require pre-cooling or rapid room cooling to “seven-eight-cooling” in a short time period of 4 hours to 24 hours depening on requirements in order to preserve there freshness, quality and self life. The “seven-eight-cooling “ time is the time needed for the product temperature drop by “seven-eighths” of the difference between the initial product temperature at the time of loading and the temperature of the cooling air circulating in the cold rooms .

Our Manufacturing of multi commodity cold storage are provided with multiple chambers enabling them to store a wide range of fresh horticulture products together with respect to there storage compability requirements for temperature, relative humidity and atmosphere,protection from odour and sensitivity to other gases like ethylene. Kralomoc refrigeration system is designed to adjust and operate to a range of temperature and humidity conditons , depending on the compatibility group for storage of fruits and vegetables .

Our (Kralomoc) Multi commodity cold storage are standard preservation chambers built at site to desired dimensions and cooling specificaions. Our specialization lies in manufacturing and installing a highly innovative of multi commodity cold stoage for various industires

    Few of our significant industries where (Kralomoc) multi commodity cold storage are installed::
  • 1. Agriculture industry
  • 2. Dairy industry
  • 3. Horticulture industry
  • 4. Frozen food industry
  • 5. Medical industry
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