Industrail cold room Manufacturer

Industrial cold room manufacturer

Kralomoc walk in Industrial cold room are constructed to withstand the rigors of extremely low temperature environments and are large enough to allow the user to walk into the Industrial cold room while providing a large storage area for accommodating a wide variety of storage items . Kralomoc Industrial cold room manufactures constructed these cold room with self-supporting prefabricated panels and have a stainless steel construction. The Industrial cold room use high grade PUF insulation for increased thermal efficiency and feature an energy efficient design for reduced power consumption . They are fabricated for easy to install light weight energy efficient units with highly resistant smooth and non-corrosive external and internal surface .

  • 1. Available in varied thickness PUF insulated finish
  • 2. Compact finish design
  • 3. Providing for desired heat efficiency
  • 4. Providing for efficient functioning support
  • 5. Industrial cold rooms based on superior cold storage German technologies that provides for effective & constant cooling to stored products
  • 6. High performing and durable range fo industrial cold room and its doors
  • 7. Available in customized design of 1,2,3,4,5, etc….. Tones capacities
  • 8. Quick to install and easy to maintain
  • 9. Refrigeration compressor with imported brand like, Bitzer, Danfoss, Copeland etc… are used according to their design (Heat load calculation)
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